AGM Minutes 2017

Minutes of the 38th Annual General Meeting of the Holme and District Local History Society held on Monday 20th February 2017 at 7.30 pm

1. Apologies and Minutes of the Last Meeting held on Monday 15th February 2016:  Apologies had been received from Mr & Mrs G Caley, Mr & Mrs B Knowles and Mrs K Hayhurst.

2. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising from the previous AGM.

3. Chairman’s Remarks: Mr Brown welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance and for their support throughout the year. The monthly meetings in 2016 on a variety of topics had been well attended and the Summer Outing to Eden Camp had reminded members of a more recent history. The Christmas function had been enhanced by the entertainment provided by Joanne Halliwell.

Mr Brown also thanked all the committee for their work in their respective areas throughout the year.

4. Treasurer's Report: Miss D Spencer presented the financial statement for the year to December 2016. A small loss for the year was mainly accounted for by inclusion of the 2015 printing costs in FY 2016 due to non presentation of the invoice by Carnforth printers. The Honorary Auditor, Mr J Yelland, was thanked for continuing to audit the annual accounts.

Stephanie Micklethwaite proposed and Barbara Blatchford seconded acceptance of the financial statement which was accepted by vote. (balance sheet attached to file copy of minutes)

5. Appointment of Honorary Auditor: In accordance with the constitution it was necessary to vote the appointment of an honorary auditor for the next year. Mr A E J Yelland was content to continue with this task. Miss D Spencer proposed and Mr G Pegg seconded the appointment. There were no objections.

6 Programme Report. The programme for 2017/18 was nearly complete with only the April 2018 meeting still to finalise. The programme would be available at the March meeting. Mrs Smith reminded that membership that she was now resigning as Programme Secretary and extra assistance to complete a programme of 12 meetings a year was urgently needed

7. Archivists' Reports: (Holme Archivist's report attached to file copy of minutes) 

Mr Pegg reported a year of walks and talks which included involvement with a meeting about the Holme Coke Ovens and leading a secular act of remembrance in Holme with the school and Bill Walker. His book 'Kick One and They All Limp' was up against professionally published titles but earned a very creditable second place in both the Hunter Davies prize and in the Latitude prize for illustration.

8. Changes to the Constitution: The committee proposed some minor changes to the constitution in the event of disbandment of the society. These would enable a resolution to dissolve the society to be passed by a simple majority at a meeting and would enable all archive material to remain in the locality if desired. The committees proposition was accepted and paras 14 and 15 will be amended to read:

Para 14

A resolution to dissolve the Society should be passed by a majority of those members attending the relevant meeting.

Para 15

On dissolution of the Society the contents of the Burton and Holme Archives are to be kept in the respective villages by nominated persons until such time as there is no person in either village prepared to continue their safe keeping. In that eventuality:

a. Any property, document or other asset donated to the Society is to be disposed of in accordance with the donators' wishes if stipulated.

b. Other documents are to be deposited with the County Archive in Kendal and the Photographic collection donated to Kendal Library.

c. Remaining assets are to be sold and the residual cash, after settlement of all liabilities, given to charitable causes as decided by the committee.

9. Summer Outing. Mr Brown announced that the Summer Outing 2017 would be to Naworth Castle and Lanercost Priory on Tuesday 6th June 2017. The cost, which would be subsidised by society funds, would include the coach, a guided tour of Naworth Castle and Lanercost Priory but not any refreshments. Proformae for booking were available from John Brown.

10Christmas Function. The membership was asked if it wished to continue with the format of a hot meal in the Memorial Hall or to have a lunch at an outside venue or to continue with a meeting in the Memorial Hall Christmas extras such as mince pies, drinks and snacks. The meeting voted by a decisive majority for a December meeting with Christmas extras.

11. Committee membership. The names of the committee members willing to stand for re-election were on the agenda. Mrs K Smith had resigned as programme secretary but would remain as secretary. The position of Programme Secretary was therefore vacant. The committee as detailed on the agenda were elected with no further nominations.

12. AOB. There was no further business

13. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next AGM would be Monday 19th February 2018

K P Smith, Secretary

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